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Shima SRT

Shima SRT



Durable leather

All-natural leather of appropriate thickness has been used to provide additional protection.

ArmorPlus back protector

The jacket comes equipped with a CE certified SHIMA ArmorPlus back protector. The protector is made from an open-cell PU material, which - under normal circumstances - works invisibly with the body. Under impact conditions, however, it instantly hardens, absorbing most of the force.

Shoulder & knee sliders

The shoulder area is equipped with an aluminium-covered slider, while the knee sliders are made from a high-quality, hard synthetic material.

Double seams

Our specially designed double seams provide extra ripping protection.

Aerodynamic hump

The hump minimizes the formation of turbulent air behind the helmet, making it indispensable at higher speeds.

Perforated leather

Strategically placed perforated leather elements provide extra airflow without sacrificing protection.

Ergonomic constrution

Designed with freedom of movement in mind, the suit restricts neither you, nor your reflexes.

Elastic panels

Specially-designed accordion-style elastic areas guarantee freedom of movement, while the extra fabric inside the panels provide additional protection.

Stretch fabric

High-quality elastic material has been placed in all the crucial areas in order to ensure a good fit and a great degree of freedom of movement. All this is accompanied with a solid ventilation.

Connecting with pants

The jacket features a snap connecting loop, enabling you to connect it to SHIMA jeans. The jacket features a pair of standard connecting zippers, enabling you to connect it with your SHIMA jeans. Use the 360° zipper for maximum safety, of the short zipper to increase comfort.

Siamo un'azienda specializzata nella vendita e nella rivendita di motocicli,quad,minicar, moto d'acqua nuovi ed usati ed abbigliamento tecnico per moto e quad

Essendo un'azienda con vendita anche al banco qualche articolo non potrebbe essere disponibile al momento dell'acquisto per tanto vi consigliamo di telefonarci oppure inviarci una e-mail : rinaldo.group@hotmail.com

Per info e disponibilità contattare

TEL. 0881/955349

CELL. 338/3919017

CELL. 389/2644574